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Karaoketexty.cz (Lyric source)

Extending of plugin Lyric Show Panel 3, that download and show lyrics of songs in player Foobar2000, upon support of classic and karaoke lyrics from website KaraokeTexty.cz.

Main functions

  • Currently only plugin with support for (not only) Czech and Slovak songs
  • Classic and karaoke (timed) lyrics

Use of plugin

This plugin only extends functionality of Lyric Show Panel 3, thus it is required for work, concretely in version 0.3.6 (beta) or newer, which is available for download here.

After install of plugin (putting into components folder inside folder where you have installed your Foobar2000; or in a different way) is needed to activate it as a source of lyrics. Open settings (Ctrl+P), go to Tools / Lyric Show 3 and move item Online DB: Karaoketexty.cz from right column (Available sources) into left column (Search order).


File Version Uploaded Downloaded Size
Karaoketexty.cz - Lyric source 1.0 10. 12. 2012 971x 49.06 kB

Latest changes

Version 1.0
10. 12. 2012
* First public version

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