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New RobyerPack update! (Miranda NG inside)
28. 10. 2014
Long awaited update (took more than 2 years) of my Miranda pack. Main news is use of Miranda NG, which brings many various updates and fixes. I also improved skin of pack, used different sounds and some new plugins.

More info is here.

Added info about my Gamework library
19. 1. 2014
As my Bachelor's thesis I created Android library for simple creating Location based games.

Continue to Gamework page.

Webpage style improvements
8. 7. 2013

Comments and style improvements
20. 6. 2013
Almost all subpages have now ability to commenting (with use of Facebook). Also style of whole webpage was improved. Latest news was showed on home page.

Online chat (testing)
28. 5. 2013
On web was added online chat (testing) to talk with author of site.

Improved theme
20. 1. 2013
Style of titles and images has been changed for better readability of page content.

Small update
15. 12. 2012
Added icons to download links and reorganized sections with Miranda and Foobar packs.

Added new version of Facebook RM plugin (
12. 12. 2012

Karaoketexty.cz plugin for Foobar2000
10. 12. 2012
Added plugin for support classic and karaoke lyrics from page KaraokeTexty.cz for Lyric Show Panel 3 plugin, which download and show lyrics of songs in Foobar2000 player.

More informations and download here.

Moved to new domain - Robyer.cz
19. 8. 2012
Pages were moved to a new domain (robyer.cz) on which they will work even in the future. Old domain (robyer.info) was canceled.

External links and fixes
25. 6. 2012
Was added external links on plugins to SVN with source codes, discussion threads on forum, etc.
Also was fixed not working Miranda plugins pages in English language.

Updated Facebook RM plugin (
11. 6. 2012
+ Receiving friendship requests (check every +-20 minutes)
+ Reqorked authorizations - requesting, approving, rewoking friendships
+ Support for searching and adding people
* Changes of some strings
* Use same GUID for 32bit and 64bit versions
! Receiving messages with original timestamp
! Fixed removing avatars from "On the phone" contacts
! Unhooking OnModulesLoaded (thanks Awkward)
! Don't send typing notificationsto contacts that are offline
! Fixed avatars working (thanks borkra)
! SetWindowLong -> SetWindowLongPtr (thanks ghazan)
! Working login with approving last login from unknown device
! Fixed sending messages into groups
! More internal fixes

More info and download: http://robyer.info/en/miranda-im/facebook/

New pages
19. 5. 2012
Pages were completely rewritten, now they have modern look, updated content, new functions and they have also English section.

Useful new is RSS feed of news, through which you will be informed about all new versions of my plugins, packs and other things.

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